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Simplify Your Session Notes with Q-Notes by NuIQ

Q-Notes Prepares Session Notes For Therapists

Every therapist knows the drill: the session concludes, and the administrative tasks begin. Constant note taking, remembering key points, documenting - it's all part of a day's work. But what if there was a tool that removed this necessary but time-consuming component from your plate? Enter the world of Q-Notes, part of the NuIQ suite of solutions, dedicated to empowering therapists to do what they do best.

Capture Every Word with High-Quality Audio Recording

The effectiveness of Q-Notes begins with a quality recording of your session. For most therapists, this can easily be achieved using your smartphone. Choose any audio recording app on your phone to capture the conversation - one popular option is Voice Recorder.

Ensuring the quality and clarity of your recording is paramount. Remember, the microphone on your device should clearly pick up all participants in conversation. This requires careful placement of your phone - make sure it's positioned well within audibility range and not obstructed by other objects.

But that's not the only option for recording sessions; we have got you covered with built-in functionalities right on our platform. Use the 'Record' button directly in the Q-Notes interface to start capturing sound immediately. Just make sure that, like with your phone's recording, the device is well placed to record the entire conversation clearly.

From Raw Audio to Structured Notes

With the end of your session and audio file at hand, all you need to do is submit this file to Q-Notes. Either upload it directly from your phone or stop the direct recording, and sit back while Q-Notes springs into action.

A Custom Therapeutic Note in Your Chosen Format

Following successful audio capture and upload, the next phase lies in choosing your desired note format. Be it SOAP, DAP, PAIP or IRP - Q-Notes offers variety to meet diverse needs. Simply toggle between the provided tabs to select your preferred format, and let Q-Notes do the rest.

Beyond Doing Session Transcriptions

Q-Notes extends its capabilities to suit every therapist's preference. If recording an entire session doesn't quite feel right for you, we've got an alternative! Instead, choose to record or upload your verbal memos and notes from the session. Q-Notes takes this raw information and brings you structured notes in your preferred format.

In essence, Q-Notes is the supportive partner every therapist needs, simplifying your workflow and allowing you more time to connect with your clients. Regardless of your preferred method of capturing information, Q-Notes is designed to meet you where you are and deliver structured and precise documentation, every single time.